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Welcome to SpyRecon FAQ, where you will find the most commonly asked questions. If you
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Will SpyRecon allow me to find passwords?
Yes, all versions of SpyRecon are designed to obtain passwords to almost every online service and desktop application.
SpyRecon will provide you with the original user password and login details, without alerting the person being monitored.
This means that it is possible to more easily check up on your children's or employee's true online activities without their

Can SpyRecon help me to find out if my spouse is cheating on me?
SpyRecon is one of the easiest ways to discover if your spouse is having an affair, because of the many spying utilities it
encompasses. Not only does SpyRecon record all key strokes and passwords, giving you access to their e-mail account,
but this software also records exact Instant Messenger conversations.  

If I don't have access to someone's computer can I still obtain their email password?
Absolutely, SpyRecon Complete allows you to easily find out a person's password without ever needing to even touch their
computer. However you must have their permission before you use SpyRecon.

Is SpyRecon detectable?
It is possible to set SpyRecon to run in an invisible stealth mode, where SpyRecon is virtually undetectable. When
SpyRecon is in the invisible mode, it will not show up even if the user presses Crtl + Alt + Delete. The only way to access or
make SpyRecon reappear is by pressing a series of secret key combinations that you decide. Once the secret key
combination is pressed you will be requested for your SpyRecon password to ensure that only you have access to the
program. SpyRecon also has the option to run in a visible mode, if you would like the person to know that they are being

How does SpyRecon send me the password I want?
SpyRecon is the only software of its kind that can actually automatically send the email and instant messenger passwords
that you want, to the email of your choice. With SpyRecon finding out someone's password is as easy as checking your

I need to get someone's account password for a program that is not listed on your site. Can SpyRecon do it?
Defintely, SpyRecon utilizes an advanced technology which is able to get account passwords and login details for virtually
all types of programs and websites.

Is SpyRecon difficult to use?
Not at all. In fact all versions of SpyRecon are extremely easy to use. If you are able to check your e-mail, then you will
have no problem using this software.

If I purchase SpyRecon Complete, can I also monitor my own local personal computer?
Yes, SpyRecon Complete allows you to continually monitor  up to 3 computer at a time, located anywhere in the world!
While SpyRecon Basic, only allows you to monitor one local computer at a time.

What does the SpyRecon screen shot capture feature do?
This feature enables you to see real pictures of what is happening on the monitored computer.

Can I purchase multiple licences of SpyRecon?
Of course! Please contact sales@securetactics.com for more details.

Is there a corporate version of SpyRecon?
We are currently in the process of developing a corporate version of SpyRecon, that will allow companies to easily and
seamlessly monitor and track employee activities, along with several other never before seen features. If you would like to
be notified when the corporate version is released, please contact us at sales@securetactics.com

Does SpyRecon also log visited websites?
Yes, all versions of SpyRecon are capable of recording every web site the person being monitored has been to.

Is SpyRecon legal?
Yes, SpyRecon is 100% legal. You are able to install whatever programs you want on your computer providing you comply
with the license agreement for that program. SpyRecon is designed to enhance Internet security and safety by giving you
the tools you need to find out everything that happens on your computer.

Which version of SpyRecon is right for me?
This really depends on what your needs are. For parents simply wanting to monitor what their children do on the "family
computer," SpyRecon Basic will usually suffice. However for more serious purposes such as if you suspect your children
are in danger or an employee is leaking company secrets then it would be beneficial to go with the more discreet
monitoring solution of SpyRecon Complete.  Also if physical access to a computer is not possible then SpyRecon Complete
is the only option.
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