The US CAN-SPAM law entitles the recipients of spam to
thousands of dollars in damages per incident.
With the proper tools and legal information you can start collecting
the large fines that spammers are required by law to pay you.
Start looking forward to finding
those emails selling
Mortgages and Porn
Begin Collecting Thousands of Dollars From Spammers

In just the past year the United States and several other
nations have passed laws which give the victims of spam the
right to collect substantial amounts of money from spammers.
Surprisingly very few people actually realize how easy it is to
collect from senders of illegal unsolicited email.  As a result of
Can-Spam Act regular private citizens can seek civil
damages against companies in violation of the act.
Spam Payback Tool Kit

This full solution tool kit provides all the resources needed to
force illegal spam companies into paying you cash
No legal knowledge required!

The main reason the average person is unable collect damages
from spam companies is because they can be extremely difficult
track down. These companies go to great lengths to conceal
their identity.

With the Spam Payback Tool Kit, we provide several
sophisticated email tracking and spammer identification
methods. Additionally the SPTK includes a software program
eTracer that was developed exclusively for this tool kit.
The eTracer program allows you to track the geographic origin
of any email!
Fighting Spam can be Extremely Lucrative
Almost every week in the news you hear about Microsoft,
AOL and Yahoo winning multi-million dollar judgements
against illegal spam companies.

Is there some law that says only big corporations can go
after spammers? Of course not.

The fact is that normally only the big corporations have the
necessary resources and "legal knowhow" to trace and
collect from spammers....

Spam Payback Tool Kit (SPTK), changes all this by
providing step-by-step instructions to achieve large lump
sum settelement payments from illegal spam companies
Earn money and help rid the
internet of illegal spam.  The
Federal Trade Commission
heavily relies on private citizens
to file civil lawsuits to keep spam
companies in check.

Get started today!
Bonus:  The Spam Payback Tool Kit
(SPTK), also includes the information
and resources you need to take legal
action against those annoying sales
calls and junk emails
Make the spammers pay. Literally.
Spam Payback Tool Kit
Download the Spam
Payback Tool Kit
after purchasing!
Secure Tactics will
appear on your credit
card statement
This eBook and software Includes
everything you need to start pursuing cash
settlements from illegal spam companies!
(The SPTK is a Secure Tactics product)
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All rights reserved.

Whats involved in suing or pursuing legal action against
spam companies?

1. ) Review the eBook included with the SPTK. This will teach you the best
types of spammers to go after and necessary but simple legal material.

2. ) Locate and properly save spam email that you have received

3. ) Use eTracer and the special "spammer locator" methods to determine
the real contact information of the company

4. ) Follow the specified step-by-step instructions for pursuing a claim
against the company. Choose an appropriate dollar damage figure

5. ) Mail or fax the included pre-made legal forms to the spam company

6. ) Negotiate with the company and deposit your check. Or pursue a
formal lawsuit in your local court and file a criminal complaint with the FTC

Let the SPTK guide you in achieving the cash compensation you
deserve from spammers.
Spam Cash Collect compensation from spam companies
Make the spammers pay. Literally.