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Easily Monitor Your Employee's Computer Activities
See Everything That Happens

SpyRecon allows companies to individually
monitor and record the activities of their
employees. Our software is capable of creating
an actual report for each employee detailing
everything from all visited websites, to who
they talk to online and what they said.

With SpyRecon you will automatically receive
periodic E-mail Activity Reports, indicating all
keystrokes, both sides of chat conversations,
visited websites, accessed programs, and actual
screen shots of the computer that SpyRecon is
installed on.

Organizations who use are software can rest
assured, that their employees are not wasting
"company time" or engaging in potentially
harmful activities.
SpyRecon Employee Monitoring Software
Ensure employee productivity

Prevent illegal file sharing and software piracy

Secretly obtain justification for employee termination

Discover who is "leaking" information

Reduce company liability

Increase employee accountability

Optimize company computer usage
SpyRecon Basic OMS (Organization Monitoring Software) Volume Discount Licensing
SpyRecon Features:
-Discreet Install
-Invisibility Stealth Mode Option  
-Automatic Start Up Option
-Records Entire IM Conversations
-Track Online Activity
-Logs All Keystrokes
-Records Login Details and Passwords
-Tracks URLs and programs
-Takes Periodic "screen shots"
-Secretly Retrieve "spy logs" Through E-mail
-Ability to Send logs to Any E-mail Address
-Extremely Easy To Use
SpyRecon Basic, is the perfect
monitoring software for organizations
as any volume package includes a
special password protected website
URL that will allow you to access your
company's licences 24 hours a day!
Secure Tactics
respects our client's
privacy and therefore
keeps all personal
information completely
If your organization requires over 150 SpyRecon Licenses we offer negotiable prices
based on quantity. For more information please contact us at:
50 SpyRecon Licenses @ $25.95
150 SpyRecon Licenses @ $19.95
After purchasing your remote license package you will receive an
automated email from us confirming your purchase. We will then
contact you via email to provide you with the information you need to
begin using your licenses. Please allow up to 12 hours, before you
are contacted by us as we have to process all volume license orders
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SpyRecon  Never before has  PC monitoring been so easy!
SpyRecon Monitoring Software
15 SpyRecon Licenses @ $28.95
will appear on your
credit card
statement. By
purchasing this
software you agree
to our license
(SpyRecon License Agreement)