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SpyRecon End User License Agreement
Upon purchasing any SpyRecon product you the buyer, understand, that unless otherwise noted you are purchasing one
single license of the product. This single license only allows for one copy of the SpyRecon product to be installed on one
computer for the duration of the license agreement. The signal license does not entitle the buyer to any rights or property
both physical and intellectual relating to SpyRecon or Secure Tactics. The buyer further acknowledges that upon purchase
they are entering into a legally binding contract to follow the conditions indicated in the SpyRecon End User License
Agreement. Additionally the buyer realizes that any buyer breach of contract voids the license agreement, and the buyer's
signal license to a SpyRecon product can be revoked.

The owner of a SpyRecon product understands that it is required that each computer the owner chooses to run the
software on must have a valid software license issued exclusively by Secure Tactics.  Attempting to distribute SpyRecon
without express permission from Secure Tactics voids the buyer's SpyRecon License Agreement(s). Additionally attempting
to make copies of this program for distribution without valid license agreements or attempting to circumvent or disable
copyright mechanisms is in violation of International Anti-Piracy Treaties and the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act, which
could result in civil and potentially criminal repercussions  

The single license to a SpyRecon product only grants one installation through the duration of the license agreement,
therefore if a buyer for some reason requires another installation on the same computer, the buyer can contact Secure
Tactics with the necessary confirmation of purchase details and request a new installation, in which an entirely new single
license will be given. Because SpyRecon is a digital good, we have no way of retrieving or verifying the status of the
software on a computer and therefore, cannot offer refunds.

In no event shall Secure Tactics or Fusion Corp be liable for any adverse consequences due to a SpyRecon product
including but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of data, or any other possible damages. Under no circumstances will Secure
Tactics or Fusion Corp be liable for more than the purchase price of one of its' products. By purchasing SpyRecon you
release Secure Tactics, Fusion Corp, and other resellers from and possible liability.  

By purchasing a SpyRecon product you agree that you will never under any circumstances use the software in a manner
that violates city, state, or federal laws. You agree that you or anyone else who uses a SpyRecon product will only intall/use
the software on a computer that the you personally own, or/and have explicit permission from the owner of the computer to
do so. Before monitoring a computer that you have ownership of or/and have explicit permission to do so, you must notify
all individuals who use the computer that they may be monitored using monitoring software. This practice will also help to
ensure that people use your computer in a responsible manner. In some instances it may be your responsibility to notify
everyone using your computer that it is equipped with monitoring software. At no time will a SpyRecon product be installed
on a computer that is considered to be for public use  or that the owner of the computer has not agreed to explicitly.

You understand and accept, that on occasion Secure Tactics will modify, edit, and extend the SpyRecon End User License
Agreement and that it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they are always in compliance with the current license
Copyright © 2002-2004 Secure Tactics is a subsidiary of Fusion Corp
All rights reserved.

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