Never worry about your computer's privacy again with PC Purify

Even though computers have become an integral and helpful tool in most people's lives they also run the risk of destroying
people's lives or causing immeasurable embarrassment.
Luckily there is an easy and quick solution to protect your
PC Purify will erase all the little, but dangerous tracks that your computer leaves behind. A side benefit of
protecting your privacy with PC Purify is that you computer will exhibit improved performance due to the removal of
extraneous files.

Protecting your privacy with PC Purify is much more than merely "piece of mind." Protecting your privacy is a necessity. It is
just as essential if not more essential than anti-virus software. Not protecting your computer's privacy is a lot like not wearing
a seatbelt or not looking both ways before you cross the street. Most of the time you will be alright, but eventually an accident
is bound to happen. However once again a computer privacy "accident" is completely preventable if you take a few minutes
to purchase and install PC Purify.
Primary Features:::

Auto Quick Clean: PC Purify is the only software of its type that allows you to
fully remove sensitive non-needed system files with literally one mouse click.

Deletion Overwrite Technology: Using similar technology as the United
States military, PC Purify allows you to overwrite deleted files with random
characters up to the NSA file erasure recommendation of 7 times.

Ease of Use: PC Purify was specifically designed to not only be the most
powerful privacy software available but also the easiest to use.

Fully Configurable: One of the best aspects of PC Purify is the option to use
either the default cleaning mode or actually create your own cleaning level
settings and procedures.

Private Data Eradicator: Instantly remove cookies, temporary Internet files,
and miscellaneous log information that could compromise privacy.

Full Plug In Support: Every program that you use on your computer keeps a
secret system record of exactly what you do and is nearly impossible to delete.
However with PC Purify these system records can easily be deleted. For a list of
programs that PC Purify is specifically designed to delete system records from
check out:
PC Purify Plug Ins

Plug In Builder: For more advanced users, PC Purify offers the included
optional tool from which you can actually make your own Plug ins!

Scheduler: Conveniently make sure your computer is always clean and any
sensitive tracks are cleared by using the included PC Purify Scheduler. Simply
set and forget.

Start Up Controller: PC Purify includes a special utility that allows you to
analyze and control what programs automatically start when you turn on your
computer. Instantly stop find and stop any malicious programs that could be
putting your privacy at risk.

File Shredder:  A virtual paper shredder but many times more effective. This
option of PC Purify allows you to specify a file or folder that you want to forever
make disappear.  Best of all there is no record that the file ever even existed
and no evidence that anything was deleted!

Privacy Tunning: In addition to these primary features, PC Purify incorporates
several other utilities and options that allow you to fine tune how your
computer's privacy is managed.
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