With PC Purify
when you remove
a file, it is like the
file never even
Find out why deleting temporary
internet files, clearing history,
and even formating the hard
drive are not enough!
Who could find out what
you do on the computer?

The Government: As a result of
new national security concerns
several nations have adopted laws
that allow the government to
monitor your computer without
your knowledge or consent!

Your Spouse: It is no secret that if
you share a computer, it is only a
matter of time before an old image
file or email that you thought was
deleted resurfaces itself.

Your Boss: Most companies use
special software to either
physically or remotely monitor
their employee's computer.

Your Children: There is always a
chance your children or their
friends will come across sensitive
information that was supposedly

A Hacker: If you download free
programs on the internet it is likely
that you have spyware on your
computer that is potentially
allowing someone to view your
sensitive or incriminating files.

PC Purify entirely protects your
privacy in a matter of minutes.
Never worry about your computer
privacy again!!!
Almost all computer users realize
that simply deleting files does not
mean they are really gone. Readily
available data recover tools on the
internet make it possible to
"undelete" nearly any file that ever
existed on a computer.
PC Purify
will fully protect your computer
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Protect your family, your reputation, your job, your computer and
your privacy all at the same time.
PC Purify is the premiere privacy protection software.

-Protects you against identity theft

-Erases evidence of music file sharing

-Reduces personal or corporate liability

-Improves computer performance and ensures privacy

-Destroys any record of visited websites and deleted programs/files

-Permanently clears all internet activity

-Frees up extra hard drive space

-Removes residual files and play lists of Windows Media and other internet

-Quick default proven clearing methods in addition to customization

-Restores registry irregularities

-Instantly downloadble after purchasing

-100% Safe, Easy and Secure!
PC Purify Details and Features
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You have a right to privacy...
PC Purify will ensure this right in a matter of minutes.
PC Purify  Complete Privacy Protection...